Dooley’s Masonry – Tile Shop opening hours- Oamaru, New Zealand

Dooley’s Masonry – Tile Shop – Oamaru, New Zealand

Our company enjoys a unique reputation, won in large part through the fortunate association over many years with the beautiful now famous and immensely versatile, workable Oamaru stone which is today highly sought after even more today for it’s decorative effects as much for it’s durability, as it was when early settlers to this land first began working it over a century ago.
The expertise of our company began to flourish in those long past times of initial development and have endured until the present, itself a witness to our large range of products and services to suit the need of everyone from the architectural consultant to the weekend odd-job family group.

13 Ouse Street
New Zealand

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    (03) 434 7091
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Showroom Hours

Mon-Fri    8.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday    closed

Timms Flooring – Tile Shop – Levin, NZ

Timms Flooring – Tile Shop – Levin, NZ

Levins supplier of Ceramic and porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles.

Richard Timms
Phone    (06) 368 6067

Euro Design and Style Ltd – Tile Shop opening hours- Kerikeri, NZ

Euro Design and Style Ltd – Tile Shop – Kerikeri, NZ

European Quality Interior & Exterior Tiles for walls & floors, and fireplaces. Wide range of colours.


  • Imported
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Terracotta


  • Terrazzo
  • Tile

4 //32 Klinac Lane

Additional Contact Details
Fax:     09-407 1136
Mobile: 0-21-717 928

Mailing Address:
RD 2
kerikeri 0295